Friday, October 12, 2012


Some people were surprised to find out I've visited 33 of the 57 US states. So I'm going to list them all out and see if I can summarize my impression of each in just 1-2 words. Please note that on about 2 of these, all I've visited is the airport in the state on a connecting flight. But it TOTALLY COUNTS.

Alabama: Friendly, Nice
Arizona: Hot, Spanish
California: Insane Drivers
Colorado: Breezy, Pretty
Florida: Bilingual, Humid
Georgia: Humid, Kudzu
Hawaii: Dim memory
Idaho: Ugly, Potatoes
Illinois: Cold, Interesting
Indiana: Decaying, Scary
Iowa: Corn, Antiques
Kansas: Horridly ugly
Kentucky: Huge airport
Louisiana: Pretty, Hilly
Minnesota: No trees
Mississippi: Stilts homes
Missouri: OK airport
Nebraska: Corn
Nevada: Gambling, Buffets
New York: Trees, Overrated
North Carolina: Pretty, Lakey
Ohio: Hills, Trees
Oklahoma: Not Kansas
Oregon: Rain, Gorgeous
Pennsylvania: Extremely Gorgeous
South Carolina: Friendly, Rural
South Dakota: Fun Freeway
Texas: Ugly, BBQ
Utah: Mountains, Home
Virginia: Wal Marts
Washington: Rainy, Hipsters
Wisconsin: Insanely Freezing
Wyoming: Mostly ugly

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