Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So for at least right now, Jan and I have given up Crystal Light. For about 5 years, we've drank pretty much no liquid other than milk and Crystal Light and the occasional pop. Jan thinks there is something 'bad' in Crystal Light which I think is hooey, but I admit I have three reasons that I think are semi-good for attempting such a thing:

1. To see if I actually have the willpower to accomplish this.
2. To save money.
3. To see if there actually are health affects in some way.

So far it hasn't gone well. There are many reasons for this, but the two biggest are:

1. I hate water. It's pointless.
2. Life has lost all of its joy. Think about if you woke up tomorrow and none of your food tasted like anything at all. No taste whatsoever. Not bad, not good, just blank. That's how water is. With water, all meals just become ridiculous and biological. You want some steak and mashed potatoes? Who cares. All you have to wash it down is Generic Food Lubricant.

Now, on to the good effects so far:

1. We have saved probably about $.89 cents in the last 5 days on not buying Crystal Light.
2. We have saved approximately 2.3 minutes in the last 5 days from not having to make mixes of Crystal Light.
3. I have a new appreciation for milk, because it has flavor.
4. I no longer fear the apocalypse, because it will mean the end of needing to only drink water.
That's it. We'll see where we go from here. I'm guessing somewhere flavorless.


Hillary said...

You can buy chocolate carnation instant breakfast to add to the milk. It's delicious, and it's protein so it's good for you.

Janalyn said...

My husband is a drama queen

Jessica said...

How about adding some essential oils to the water? You could do cinnoman, peppermint, orange, lemon, lavender... You could flavor your water, lift your mood and boost your immune system all at the same time! You wouldn't save money though. :)