Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Thoughts 4/23/13

  • On Miami freeways, the correct speed limit is 'whatever you're driving, plus 10.' So if the actual posted speed limit is 70 and you're going 70, everyone will drive 80. If you're driving 80, everyone will drive 90. If you're driving at the speed of light, everyone else will drive at the speed of light + 10 mph. 
  • I am done with Jeeps. Our Grand Cherokee has been very reliable but my garbage Patriot has been a disaster. Despite having a great nickname (Patsy). Next car: likely a Ford SUV. An Explorer, if we can find an affordable one. Give us another 2ish years or so...
  • I run as much as I physically and mentally can. And I can't stand it. I truly hate everything about it. I don't enjoy the fresh air, I don't feel a sense of accomplishment, I don't feel healthy. I just feel like I'm wasting time and causing tremendous pain to myself, sapping every ounce of energy from the next day. But what's the option? To not exercise? What will that accomplish? 
  • I would almost like jogging if I enjoyed my music more, but I've listened to it all so much that none of it has much of an impact on me. I've burned out on it all, I think. Having MP3s kind of does that. When you have LPs or CDs, you have to deliberately pull an album and put it on and find the song you want to hear. You have to work for it, in other words. But now, when you can instantly hear anything you want, it all becomes somewhat disposable. This is why we should all look forward to old age. When we lose our memory, our music collection will actually sound fresh and new to us. 
  • They say you don't sleep in heaven, that it's constantly daylight and you have 'no need' to sleep. This sounds great to me, in that I should go insane in the equivalent of about 3 Earth days, and whatever heaven medication they give me should knock me out. 


Alexander Vruggink said...

Hey, this is Alex, Paige's husband. You should try downloading free old time radio programs at You might like "Inner Sanctum." It is ridiculous and a waste of time, but oddly addicting.

Christian said...

Ridiculous and a waste of time are right up my alley-I will have to check that out!

Hillary said...

I have loved my Murano. It's reliable, roomy, safe, and gets decent mileage. I endorse one for future purchase if that's the route you take.

And I do the pandora thing at work so I don't burn out on my mp3s. Then in the car I have become accustomed to only listening to talk radio. This has helped keep my music somewhat new. I also realize that both of these things already push me into old age and that's probably why the music doesn't get old.