Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello again, Hello

School is busy, and t-minus 60 days till little Madeleine Eden Hoopes (trademark, copyright 2009, all rights reserved). Life is bus-y.

And plus I haven't thought of anything interesting to say lately. But here is what we've mainly been up to:

1. Watching TV. Shows: Man vs Wild, Burn Notice, Lost, The Office, Battlestar Galactica, Psych, Monk, The This Old House Hour. We've weaned ourselves off the HGTV shows (for now). Jan is watching Heroes but I have almost totally quit Heroes given that the script is written by either sea monkeys or people with brain damage.

2. Awaiting money. We have a decent amount of money coming between my yearly salary bonus and our 2008 tax return. All of it is pretty much spent, though. We need to pay for Jan's kidney stone, some new carpet, my Spring 2009 tuition bill, and possibly a new bed since my other one is 8 years old and is falling apart.

3. Going to school. I'm in school. Jan is studying for her RN boards. Other than the liberal class I despise (only 2 more Saturdays to go), this semester rules. The other two classes are the bomb.

4. Rearranging furniture. My office has merged with Timmy/Zoe's room (dogs). Jan is busy as a bee getting ready for Maddie. Some friends and family have started donating to the cause-thank you to everyone for the baby clothes and toys we've received so far! Hillary also joined us to seek out a crib. We tracked down one we want and it finally arrived yesterday. The first baby shower is this weekend so we'll know much better where we stand, baby needs-wise, after that.

5. Disengaging from politics a little. There's not much that can be done to stop the 'spendulous' bill (as the conservative blogs have been calling it) from being passed. It sucks.

6. Church stuff. Busy in my calling as EQ secretary. We're preparing to visit the Draper temple at the end of the night. The pictures look cool.

D'oh, school is starting now. More to come! Not really! Maybe some drawings though...


Hillary said...

Don't you mean visit the temple at the end of the month? Cuz I'm supposed to go with you and if it was the end of the night, I missed it.

Also, I take credit for finding the crib. All the other trips you made without me accompanying, left you cribless. Now Maddie has a stylish place to sleep thanks to her aunt.

Third, I want another 80s music video review.

Oh, and I thought of a potential movie per our conversation earlier this evening.

Ok, that is all.

Jessica said...

That is a really pretty name! You are smart to copyright it too. I mean, there are name snatchers in this family...... ;)

Heidi said...

Love the name! Good luck with all that is going on! What do you need in the way of baby clothes??

Christian said...

Sorry, yeah, end of the month. Not night.

80s review-I'll see what I can do.

Short Circuit would be far too painful.

Thank you! We tried not to be too out there.

Baby clothes: we have enough onesies to last her till she's in her late 70s. We can use church clothes & summer clothes for a 2-4 month-old. We've received many winter-ish clothes. Thank you to everyone and anyone in advance who is able to contribute to the cause!