Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photos? Really?

While getting my picture taken over the weekend at my local Walgreen's for my passport photo for my upcoming 2-week business trip to India, I noticed something unusual: people were picking up photos that had been printed out. Like, physical photos. I distantly remember photos, although it's been at least 10 years or so since I last actually took film in somewhere and paid someone to develop it. But nowadays if you want a photo for a frame that isn't a digital frame, you just print it out on some glossy paper yourself.

That got me thinking-what else is still occuring in 2009 that shouldn't be? To help answer this, I put together the following handy list. In 2009, people should no longer be:

1. Watching VHS tapes
2. Writing personal checks for anything other than tithing
3. Renting videos from Hollywood/Blockbuster. Redbox I can see, because it's cheap.
4. Ordering a pizza by phone
5. Listening to music on CDs unless it's something someone burned for you and you haven't had time to rip the tracks yet.
6. Placing items on hold at the library via face-to-face
7. Doing your banking in person
8. Paying your bills using anything other than their websites or your bank's billpay feature.
9. Using a landline telephone unless it's either free or really cheap. This is tricky since I still know people who have a land line. But it's my understanding that it's bundled w/ their cable and/or internet bill and is thus like $10 a month.
10. Sending physical letters to people unless you're in some kind of caligraphy class and it's a project.
11. Buying anything in a store without checking Amazon or Ebay first.
12. Reading a physical newspaper.
13. Getting your news from any mainstream media news outlet.
14. Listen to music on the radio.

That's all for now-what else can the rest of you name in the comments?


Hillary said...

We must still partake of the VHS watching because of our upcoming theme party. Otherwise, I thought VCR's died in 1999 with the Y2K bug.

And tithing can be paid in cash. I do it twice a month. That way, I don't have to wait for a check to clear and it's out of my hands and into God's with one swoop. Unless, you're Nate, then you should write a check. He kept all of his tithing in a jar in his closet and his roommate began stealing his tithing money. It probably didn't help that he had about $1800 sitting in the jar, but still...

And where is your video review? We watched plenty of high quality videos last night that would provide endless entertainment to all seven of your readers!

Jessica said...

I guess I am far behind the times because if I watch t.v. at all it is a show I have previously taped via my still working VHS machine from my old analog signal t.v. And, boy do I enjoy annoying everybody in line behind me with writing a good old check for my groceries! I do however, have two things I could never live without. My digital camera and my iPOD. So I am not totally behind.

Jessica said...

Oh, and I do not have a land line. I only have a cell phone, but I only talk to people who either have the same service I do so calls are free or that call me on weekends or after 7pm.

It wasn't so long ago, you know, that we used to write letters back and forth! I personally miss that time and still would rather get/send a letter through the mail than deal with email.

Robin said...

I use a typewriter at work to make labels.
That should probably be on the list.

Heidi said...

I place holds online for library books, but other than that I love to do all the things on your list. So I'm old-fashioned. I don't think all progress is good or that all time-saving devices are better. There is something to be said for real life, not just "virtually real".

Hillary said...

People shouldn't go inside to pay for fuel either. I will drive to another location if the pay-at-pump isn't functioning.

Shannon said...

I'm WAY old-fashioned as I still have a working VCR (Michael couldn't live without one) and I pay for EVERYTHING with cash. I don't even have a credit card or checks.

Christian said...

You have no debit card? You're like a pioneer!