Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Money money money

One thing I considered including on my 'things you shouldn't still be doing in 2009' list was 'using paper money.' But I've re-thought that a little bit, since I do still carry around some money, although not very much. Generally it's useful if I'm at school and want to grab a pop during a class break, or it's a good back-up currency if the debit card/credit card machine is down at a store, although that seems fairly unlikely in 2009. But until they install credit card readers on pop machines, I'll leave it off. Thank you.


Hillary said...

I carry ridiculous amounts of cash on me. Far more than your average human, unless your average human is Bill Gates, then in that case, he probably has more cash on him than I do.

Shannon said...

Same here, except they aren't "ridiculous" amounts, They are small amounts as that is all I have.

Hillary said...

I'm odd. At any given time I have between $100-$300 in my back pocket. I don't know why? I just do.