Thursday, April 9, 2009

Diddly qua-qua

Something very odd happened this week. I heard a new No Doubt song-an enthusiastic remake of the quirky "Stand and Deliver" by Adam & The Ants-on the radio. Not on the internet! The only mention of the song on the internet whatsoever was a brief blurb on on April 8th with a link to a YouTube 'video' of the song being played over the top of a still picture of the band.

So it was completely bizarre that I was even listening to the radio in the first place but it was just a quirk of being in the right place at the right time. But the real oddity came when I discovered you couldn't download the song on iTunes. It wasn't on there anywhere, which in 2009 is digital blasphemy.

This made me so upset that I went out to determine the reason for this outrage. It turns out the band is offering a digital download of their entire catalog if people buy a ticket to a No Doubt concert this year. The new song is included in this offer, making this an act of deliberation.

I can see it both ways on this issue. On one hand it's a good way to drive ticket sales, but it's not like the difference of one new song is going to tip the scales for anyone who doesn't think getting a digital download of the band's entire career isn't sweet enough of a deal with the purchase of a concert ticket. For example, I love the song but would not go to one of their concerts. On the other hand the new song is great exposure for the band-releasing it to the world's largest music retailer-iTunes-would probably be better for the band for increasing awareness of their tour and the digital catalog offer than just letting it float around on the ancient radio, of all things.

So Christian give this decision two thumbs down and will now have to wait for the song to get leaked onto the internet in MP3 form somewhere, where otherwise I would have happily spent $.99 cents of my iTunes gift card credit on the track. For shame, No Doubt. For...shame....

UPDATE: Great, now they took it down from YouTube so no one can hear it but me. In my mind.

UPDATE UPDATE: Wow! For now the track can be downloaded from this page and the world can share in my joy.


Hillary said...

I recently had to buy a CD from Ireland because it wasn't available for download. Having not heard any of the other jigs or reels on the CD, I assumed it would have a handful of things I would like besides, "Piecuch's Reel."

Unfortunately, the CD arrived and the only song worth the purchase was the reason I bought it.

Therefore, I spent $23 on one song.

I feel like I am off the hook for ever paying for music again.

Hillary said...

Oh and me likey the song. Just goldwave it like you did with the Travis version of "I Kissed a Girl."

Robin said...

Have you seen this offer on Amazon for a bunch of free Indie album downloads?

I downloaded the SubPop Amazon sampler and I love it!

Robin said...

Hmmm, that looks weird. Here is the link that works: LINK