Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quote O' The Day

"We rich people can't stop the world's 5 billion poor people from burning the couple of trillion tons of cheap carbon that they have within easy reach...If $40 trillion worth of gold were located where most of the oil is, one could only scoff at any suggestion that we might somehow persuade the nasty people to leave the wealth buried...So the suggestion that we can lift ourselves out of the economic doldrums by spending lavishly on exceptionally expensive new sources of energy is absurd. 'Green jobs' means Americans paying other Americans to chase carbon while the rest of the world builds new power plants and factories. And the environmental consequences of outsourcing jobs, industries, and carbon to developing countries are beyond dispute. They use energy far less efficiently than we do, and they remain almost completely oblivious to environmental impacts, just as we were in our own first century of industrialization. A massive transfer of carbon, industry, and jobs from us to them will raise carbon emissions, not lower them" -- energy and technology expert Peter Huber, writing in the Manhattan Institute's City Journal

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Hillary said...

They said on Red Eye the other day that celebs claim to be green when they buy a Toyota Prius. It's like "Oh hey, my 9th car is a Prius, so I'm green."

We can't wait for the green fad to be over. Then everyone can see what a load of crap it was and can conitinue on living before the words, "organic" and "earth-friendly" existed.