Friday, August 28, 2009

Search for Spock method of politics

There's a scene in Star Trek 3 wherein Kirk and Christopher Lloyd, who plays the Klingon bad guy, are negotiating. Kirk convinces CL to beam up the rest of the cast while the Genesis planet implodes, so everyone gets beamed up-McCoy, Sulu, Dead David, etc. Spock is left there and Kirk says "Hey, you should beam him up too." CL says "No!" "Why?" says Kirk. "Because you wish it!"

So there are a great many things I'll put up with simply because their very existence annoys liberals. I didn't mind Glen Beck until he had that recent massive coronary unhinged screaming moment at a caller on his radio show. I loved Sarah Palin until she resigned (which I completely understand, but from a personal perspective that puts her out of the running with me for prez. VP, sure, but prez, no). But liberals hate both with a fiery blue flame, and thus I support both with a fiery flame. Why? Because you do not wish it.

Probably seems petty, and it is, I guess, but I'd likely use the same logic to vote for Senator Buttars here in Utah. He seems like kind of a moron and says absolutely ridiculous things, but if Massachusetts can keep someone like Ted Kennedy in office for 40 years, we've got to be able to do the same, right? Even if it's just in the name of annoyance?


Artsy Irene said...

And the country will somehow be saved with attitudes like this, right? Lets all just support something because it annoys the other side. I still can't see why either side thinks they are any better than the other! I still hold that we should all stop being stupid Republicans or Democrats and just be AMERICANS!!!!! Both sides are wrong and horrible in my opinion.

Hillary said...

Is this the same driving force behind the reason you buy a bag at IKEA just to turn around and throw it in the trash 20 seconds later? We must be related because I don't recycle half the items I could because I love my carbon footprint and love making hippies mad at my carbon footprint. Bring on the global warming. Summer didn't start until the first week of July this year. If global warming existed (which it doesn't), I want to do my part to encourage it. Things could stand to be a little warmer.