Friday, October 2, 2009

Direct to Chicago

Don Surber raises an interesting point today. Apparently some liberals have been accusing conservatives of being 'un-patriotic' about celebrating that Chicago lost the Olympics.

Ignoring the obvious hypocrisy of that accusation (who was it exactly who has been hyper-sensitive the last 8 years about having their patriotism allegedly called into question?), I think it's important to make a distinction here.

Apart from all the very practical reasons Surber lists in his post why Chicago would be a lousy host city, conservatives are celebrating today because, dang it, it's just good to see the president taken down a notch. A man that arrogant could use a little humility and needs to be reminded time and again that not everyone sees him as "sort of a god," even, amazingly, Europeans.

The results of the president's policies won't be nakedly apparent for a while, though there's more than enough malaise to go around already, so until then this event will hold us over as a fun karmic jellybean.

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Hillary said...

Agreed and agreed.