Sunday, June 24, 2012


I've been reading 'Mormon Scientist,' the biography of Henry Eyring, who was Henry's B's dad. I hadn't heard of him before but it's apparent from the book that he was a Utah/Church celebrity from the 1930s-80s, was an extremely accomplished scientist, was very well known and respected, and gave a great many speeches on the confluence of science and religion/faith.

He takes a slightly frustrating but understandable stance, i.e. that he doesn't hazard any guesses or theories on how it all came to be. He just states his testimony and then states that he believes it was all done 'however it was done' and that the various scientific findings on evolutions and dinosaurs and the age of the earth and such will be explained in due time.

Of course this is true. He really didn't like people's theories on such things, and likely would have not approved of the theory I wrote about earlier on my blog on dinosaur bones and stuff being 'stumbling blocks' to try our faith. I of course still think I'm right, but certainly I could be wrong and maybe they have nothing to do with faith. It's possible! But probably not, because I'm totally right!

Anyway, he did have some good points. Frustrating points but good nonetheless. He said things like (paraphrase) "God could explain to me how He did the whole thing and I probably wouldn't understand most of it." He also said there is room in the church for people who think the Earth is 24 hours old and for people who think its 24 billion yeas old. He often was called upon to counsel the first presidency in matters of science or to give his opinion.

I'm more speculative than he was. He kind of had the opinion of 'we wouldn't understand it anyway so why theorize?' Duh, because theories are COOL.

Interesting stuff. Have any of my readers heard of him before?

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