Wednesday, August 15, 2012


"You tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is: never try."

Didn't get my job that I interviewed for in Pittsburgh. And Ft. Worth. And Phoenix. And had a ton of phone interviews for. And used like 3 vacation days for. But you know? I'm really OK with it.

Ha, just kidding. I'm bitterly disappointed and angry and upset. But there are other sort of good things going on and I'll be able to keep my current gig for a while longer. 99.9% likely I will be staying put. We also had to turn down SC because we kept returning to the finances and didn't feel we could make it work given the realities of unplanned expenses and so forth.

So it is definitely good to not be having to pack up and move at the moment. That much is true! Especially with a new baby and such, this would be a difficult time.

On to the next! Not really, I'm not going to apply for another thing again for the next 30 years, or whenever the Sun explodes, whichever comes second. 

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Hillary said...

I think I've had something like 67 interviews since November. Literally. 22 interviews in June alone. So you can feel better about yourself knowing there is someone, your sister, who has failed more times than you.