Saturday, November 17, 2012

Monkey thing

For anyone clamoring for a better look at that monkey ghost thing in the St. Augustine post, here you go.

I've sharpened and brightened the picture up as best as I could without washing it out. It's clearly some little 'thing' that is standing there holding something, and it clearly is on the *outside* of the window, standing on the approximately 2.5" ledge. Zoomed-in, it looks like a bald guy with grey hair, and he's about 19" tall.

Weird, huh?

The more I look at this the weirder it is. If it was some little doll figure that was glued to the outside of the window for some reason (which would be really odd as it had been raining for much of the day) then why is it so illuminated when all the illumination is in front of it, not behind it? It's like completely self-lumnious. There's no light source illuminating it from the north angle, but it's completely illuminated. And if it was an illuminated toy, why doesn't it illumniate anything else around it? You'd expect it would cast some light into the wood frame surrounding it.

Maybe the answer is obvious and I'm just missing it, but to me this is really unusual.

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