Saturday, November 17, 2012

Other pictures of the window

I found these other views of the window from Google Maps:

I remember this store-it was a Flagler College team gear store. Everything inside is just t-shirts (as can be seen through the window). There is also a big blue 'Flagler College' sticker on the window and some other stickers blocking out the window. So this isn't a store that specializes in 20" tall bald dolls and possibly freaky all-black skeleton head companions. Oh right, I didn't mention that part. Check it out:

Tell me there's not two figures there, and that the one on the right looks a lot like a black figure with a skull head.

Free. Key.

You can also see in the above window pictures that there really isn't a ledge, to speak of. There's a small indentation for the shutters to be able to close and a small space to accommodate the window sill. This isn't a display case or trophy-type case. It's just a flat window that is flush with the wall.


Hillary said...

It's like that episode of Ghost Hunters where Barry felt something evil so he retreated, but the film footage caught a brief shot of that one terrifying figure. Sometimes I could see the terrifying face, and other times it just looked like the marshmallow/butter stage of Rice Krispie treats. That's what happens to me when looking at this pic.

Christian said...

One thing also-if there had been a giant glowing old man doll on the window in a dark alley, we absolutely would have seen it and gone over and looked at it.

Hanny said...

I will have to show these to Uncle Daryl. He will get such a kick out of it! We LOVE all things haunted and ghostly!