Friday, January 16, 2009


I remember a few things I was going to mention. My Dad and I were talking today about things like this, about how ridiculously inept Obama has been at vetting his appointments (Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, Bill Richardson, Jon Favreau, and now Tim Geithner). It was agreed that such picks are going to turn out to come back to haunt Obama, regarless of a state-controlled press.

Basically, you reap what you sow. If you continue to hire people with lousy character, you're going to experience scandal after lousy scandal wherein your entire staff lies, cheats, or otherwise slums their way out of a job. For Obama, partisan affinity trumps character.

Um, I guess that's about it about that. Obama is a very poor judge of character and will make some huge mistakes domestically as well as internationally because he's not going to read a situation or a person correctly.

Am I worried that he wouldn't respond with strength to an international incident? No. Most Democrats, because they have a built-in perception to be weak on crime and on national security, will go pretty far in the opposite direction to prove their opponents wrong. It's like how Republicans like President Bush were so involved in things like the perscription drug bill thing and crappy programs like No Child Left Behind-they perceive that they are thought of as being weak on 'social issues.'

Ug, I just hope Palin or Jindal have it in them to be able to articlate that the conservative platform is the best cure for 'social issues' as-is, and why. I can, so why shouldn't they? We'll see. It's going to be a long 4 years.


Jessica said...

Yes, poor BROTHER Obama ;). He is indeed in a sorry situation. Still, I hear he wants to give me money and I am still waiting to hear what breed of dog he chooses before I decide what to think of him ;).

Logan said...

There is little to say to right wing folks like you. You hate Obama because he mopped the floor with your team, period. Your team, the team that drove our economy into a ditch on purpose because they hate the middle class. They've been trying to destroy the middle class since Roosevelt not even considering that in bringing it down, they would bring down the column holding up our entire economic system. Folks like Rush and Hannity are super rich so they don't care about you or any one else. They get talking points from the Republican party and read them to you who then spew them here. Does anyone from the right wing even think anymore. You have no idea who the true enemy of America is and now you have become one yourself. WAKE UP! Where have you been the last eight years. Can you honestly say that Bush did a good job? And don't give me that "Bush wasn't a true fiscal conservative" crap. You "true conservatives" backed him up all the way. America has finally realized what you guys want: Feudalism. And they have rejected it, thankfully, along with that old crusty, corn-teethed McCain and his MORONIC running mate who could see Russia from her house. Your party will not have power for a LONG LONG time because of the absolute havoc it has created, so you better get used to it. Then again, why should you care. You folks think Goverment can't do anything. So why the Heck to you even aspire to lead such an ineffective entity? There are so many contradictions to you guys that it makes me shudder to even consider you. You are like some cult, worshiping Ronald Reagan like a dead God. Reagan, who borrowed more money than every president before hime COMBINED so he could give it to the rich. Under him we went from a lender nation to the biggest debtor nation on the face of the earth. Thank your God for that. I could go on, but why should I bother. You just need one dose of Rushspeak to get you back to your hatemongering and bs about Democrats and Obama. So carry on.