Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Shows

We spent the majority of yesterday afternoon watching home shows on HGTV. These are shows either about realtors selling homes for you, or people trying to buy homes, or people who redecorate homes, or people who renovate homes, or about people who live in castles.

There was one about a girl who was moving to New Orleans from Las Vegas. She was this whiny 20-something girl who was going to law school, and her realtor showed her these two super impractical and super trendy condos with like exposed ductwork and fancy kitchens and stuff. She hated them. She then showed her this massively practical townhome that was within walking distance from law school and had an attached garage and tons of space and a big back yard. She hated it, though, because it didn't have the 'New Orleans atmosphere' and it had country-ish wallpaper. She chose one of the condos instead.

However, they put in a part where the girl explains how her realtor talked her out of it by explaining how massively impractical it was (didn't have a laundry room, was in the middle of a massive tourist district, no parking, etc) and so, against her better judgment, she took the townhome and would somehow make do.

The funny/painful part is when they returned to her house 1 year later and found she had turned the entire home into a Mickey Mouse palace. The walls were red, black, and blue. There was Mickey memorabilia everywhere. Mirrors in the shape of Mickey. Toys. Posters. Clocks. Topiary outside in the shrubs shaped like Mickey. Mickey copper plates on the ceiling. Chair rail custom made with Mickey shapes on them. Everywhere, hundreds of Mickeys. Even in the back yard, a trellis with Mickey shapes, a picnic table with Mickey ears on it. Said Jan: "It's like at Disneyland where you have to find all the hidden Mickeys."

I would draw a picture of it but I can't draw that many Mickeys at once. So instead I've drawn a picture of a guy from a different home show who lived in a small apartment and moved into a very ordinary and sensible house. I don't know the point of the show whatsoever or why someone would think it would be interesting. There was no hook-he didn't like have to renovate the new home or anything. It was as if there was a show about people who wanted to go grocery shopping, so their realtor takes them to Harmons and Albertsons and Smiths and they decide to go with Albertsons but they buy some milk at Smiths because it was on sale.

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Carlee Hoopes said...

HAHAHAHA! Kory and I watch these shows all the time and half the time we don't get the point either. Regardless, I need to find out when that House Hunters episode will re-air. I can't believe I missed that one. I love the totally staged dialogue they have the people say as they're looking through the homes. I think they need to make sure the women aren't ornery and hormonal when they shoot the episodes though. Some women can be so grouchy about everything!

I worked with a guy at Hill AFB who was on that show. He told me some secrets about it and I don't think I've ever been able to watch it with the same amount of anticipation since.