Friday, January 2, 2009


From Haaretz:
The IDF has made frequent use of what is known as "knocking on the roof": Militants are warned by phone when a residential building used to store arms will be bombed, and told to vacate the premised together with their neighbors. The weapons caches are hit only after the residents leave.

Hamas has tried placing civilians on the roofs of such buildings when the phone call warning comes in. In these cases, the IDF fired antitank missiles near the building, and in a few cases the residents left.

If that's not living proof that sometimes morality is a clear choice between good and evil, I don't know what is. Keep it in mind the next time you hear about how 'disproportionate' Israel's response to Hamas is.

There's a lengthy post in my brain on the whole Israel/Palestine situation, but I'll save it for another day. For now it can pretty much be summed up that there would be lasting peace forever in the Middle East if Palestine decided to just stop attacking Israel. Surprising that some of the best Christians in the world aren't Christians (or at least don't realize it).


Shannon said...

I didn't know this but I'm not surprised. I couldn't agree more with your conclusion.

Jessica said...

Well, I think you are the best "Christian" in the world.... ;)

Hillary said...

Not me, I think Christian Bale is the best Christian of them all. The Dark Knight was too freaking awesome to deny him as best Christian.

I'm sure you won't mind deferring to him.

Shannon said...

Defer to the "other" Christian.

Jessica said...

Oh, I forgot about Christian Bale...... I do quite like him..... and if I ever see The Dark Night it will only be for him.