Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On the road again

I left for SC this morning around 8:30 or so. What follows is a brief travelogue, so far.

9:14 AM: Still in the Miami area. I know, because people are still trying to run me off the road.
9:30 AM: I finally make it to the I-95, where I will spend most of the following 2 days. I've driven on it to St. Augustine before - it's always under road construction, and is extremely straight and lacking in topography. This should be fun...
10:00 AM: Still on I-95.
11:00 AM: Still on I-95.
11:45 AM: I pull off and gas up and get some lunch. I have no idea where I am. I consult the map app and find that I am close to Cape Canaveral and Coco Beach! Maybe I should detour and have a fun beach drive!
12:30 PM: I wasn't as close as I thought I was to the beach. It is very stop/go/stop/go. I eventually pulled over and went and looked at the beach. It has waves! This is dramatically different from all of South Florida, in which the 'waves' at those beaches are smaller than what you can create by tossing a toothpick in a bathtub. I snap a picture, sigh, and go back to the car.
1:15 PM: I'm in Cape Canaveral! I wonder if I will see any spare space shuttles!
1:17 PM: And I'm done. The freeway takes you swiftly away from anything interesting in Cape Canaveral.
1:40 PM: And I'm back on I-95.
2:40 PM: I make it to Jacksonville. My brother on the phone tells me to pull over and shop. What he doesn't know is that I'm at this point miserably car sick and the only thing keeping me from losing my $5.00 Wendy's lunch from earlier is the steady hum of the AC and the very dramatic reading of the BOM by the audio book guy, who really gets into it, especially when the Zoramites have anything to say.
3:30 PM: The guy I'm replacing at my new job calls me to go over all our transition stuff for the hand-off. Apparently he has scheduled a meeting with me for this time. I tell him I am driving and we make plans for Thurday/Friday in the office. Nice guy. But somewhere in this phone call I crossed over into Georgia, which is something I wanted to document or at least notice. Oh well.
4:30 PM: Georgia is exactly like a 'brown Florida' but with 2 billion times more Waffle Houses.
4:31 PM: By 'brown Florida' I mean all the grass is dead and brown, whereas everything in Florida is deep green. Thought I'd clear that up.
5:30 PM: I get to Savannah and at this point desperately need to use a restroom, having not realized that I've been drinking non-stop since Cape Canaveral. Unfortunately, I find that there are NO GAS STATIONS AND NO BUSINESSES OF ANY KIND ANYWHERE NEAR SAVANNAH, GA. The entire city is really old buildings, most of which appear to be museums or parking garages. There is no parking available anywhere in the city - it's all in garages. I drive for literally 1 hour before I finally find a gas station that doesn't look horrifying. It is literally the first business I come across that seems safe to enter. I've never seen anything like it.
6:30 PM: I decide to stay in a hotel about 14 miles back towards Florida, in the wrong direction, as the hotels in downtown Savannah are extremely pricey. Unfortunately, at this point I am totally done, so I scrapped my plans to wander around cool/spooky Savannah and take pictures and go on ghost tours and instead treat myself to an $8 club sandwich at Perkins - an East Coast version of Marie Calendars. I stumble back to my hotel, type this blog, and drift off to ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz84222222222228288888884f89phf9p9258h87f90hy)T$!$Y!

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