Friday, March 29, 2013

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Our daughter Madeleine is really into Jake and The Neverland Pirates, which is a new-ish show on the Disney channel. We don't have the Disney channel, but she has an app for it that shows episodes. 

It's an interesting take. In my opinion, they were looking for a new show, and they wanted to maybe utilize one of their existing properties. They knew that pirates are still considered relatively cool nowadays, and they thought of the Neverland Pirates from Peter Pan. But they must have known that Peter Pan isn't (and in my opinion was never) remotely cool, so they needed a non-wimpy lead character to interact with them.

So they came up with Jake, who has spiky hair and a cool outfit and is adventurous. With his friends Izzy and Cubby, they 'fight' the Neverland Pirates, which is more of a low-stakes game of constant one-upmanship wherein Hook steals something from Jake and Jake steals it back, and then Hook's pants fall down or some equivalent comeuppance.

That being said, I approve of Jake (and Phineas & Ferb) far more than 99% of the other things out there that Mads could be watching, particularly because he's cool and he's armed. And that beats Curious George or Dora any day of the week.


Hillary said...

PETA would be on my doorstep so fast if they knew how much I wanted to kill George. That monkey is an idiot.

Christian said...

I agree. Plus, I'm not sure what the show tries to prove? That children are idiots basically on the level of primates?