Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random thoughts 6/6/13

  • They should make a sequel to Saturday's Warrior called Sunday's Warrior. If that does well, they should move forward to Monday, and so on.
  • Let's just drain loch ness and be done with it. If there is a dead plesiosaur sitting on the bottom, then at least we'll know, and we can stuff him and put him in a museum.
  • If they ever made a video game of that show Game of Thrones they should call it Video Game of Thrones.
  • The Eurythmics should have called it "Sweet Dreams are Made of These." It doesn't rhyme at all to call it 'Sweet Dreams are Made of This' and you don't have the option of twisting 'This' until it vaguely sounds like 'These.' And if people don't think that 'These' makes any sense, they should change it to 'Cheese.' Most people would be content to dream about cheese as opposed to having nightmares or anxiety dreams about work or other matters. Especially if it's either EZ-Cheez or Chili's delicious queso.
  • Frozen yogurt seems like a good deal at $3 a cup until you realize that you can buy an entire thing of ice cream at the grocery store for like $2.75.
  • I'm going out on a limb and declaring Sweet Chili Doritos the best Doritos since the sadly discontinued 'Flaming Red' Doritos. Those were really good and these are too, though they're *slightly* too hot/spicy. Too much spice can get in the way, and this *almost* does but the flavor is too good that it's OK.
  • So I still use iTunes because my phone and my iPod shuffle both sync to it, and it has a thing where it will email you if an album from an artist you like has been released. Part of this is that it will also email you if something new comes out from an artist you've previously purchased. That being said, STUPID ITUNES I DOWNLOADED 'HOLY DIVER' ONCE LIKE A MILLION YEARS AGO, STOP SENDING ME ALERTS ON EVERY DIO TRIBUTE GREATEST HITS REISSUE COLLECTION. THIS ACCOUNTS FOR ABOUT 90% OF MY ALERTS.

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Kevan said...

Great idol thoughts...