Friday, June 7, 2013

True confessions 6/7/13

  • When I first heard "Walking on the Sun" by Smash Mouth back in the 90s, I thought it was a new song by Oasis representing a 'funky new direction.'
  • I once accidentally drove the wrong way down a one-way street. It was intense. I wound up doing a 50-point u-turn in the middle of the road. I looked really cool that day.
  • I once wore my pajamas shirt to middle school on accident. It was a neon pink St. George Marathon jazz band shirt they'd given me for playing my trombone at the finish line, and it did look like I'd slept in it.
  • For a time, my favorite movie was Willow.
  • When I was about 12 I bought some 'spy' glasses that extended out slightly from your face and on the sides of the glasses as you were looking at them were a reflective mirrored coating that functioned like side mirrors on a car, so you could see who was behind you. This would presumably help you anticipate attackers, but mostly just got you called 'Hey Geordi.' Also they were 'rainbow tinted.'


Unknown said...

I'm glad you made it clear you were so good on the trombone you received gifts for your talent

Hillary said...

What do you mean "for a time" your favorite movie was once Willow? I'm pretty sure you put that down on your birthday quiz last year.

Christian said...

Sadly, it was my uniform. :(