Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dusk Sector Episode 1: The Grave Digger


You are traveling along a dark road. You don't know how you got here, or where you're going. Up ahead you see a truck stop. You miss it, but fortunately there's a light further ahead where you do a U-ie. You've just crossed over into...The Dusk Sector.

Meet Charles Major, age 39. It's been a long day and, tired from work, Mr. Major decides to take a walk to clear his head. Unfortunately, this may be the last walk he ever takes.

[Charles walks along a dark sidewalk. He stops to get his bearings, but he finds that the road is too dark and he can't read his map. Further away, he sees a dim light. He heads towards it, only to find it is on the other side of the spooky Oakville Cemetery.]

Charles: This certainly is a spooky old cemetery.
Gravedigger: You can say that again.
C: AAAaah!
G: Oh, sorry about that. I thought you saw me.
C: Oh, well, sorry, sir. I saw a light...that must have been you.
G: A light, eh?
C: ....
G: ....
C: *coughs*
G: Anyway, come with me.

Charles and the spooky gravedigger, who is just as spooky as the old spooky cemetery but even more so, walk through the darkness. They pass many statues and spooky tombstones. They reach an area where the Gravedigger has been digging a new grave. There is a lantern hung up in the trees. It is swaying spookily.

C: Ah-ha, this is where I saw the light coming from.
G: Must have been, I suppose. I need some light so I can do my work.
C: Well don't stop on my account. I just need to get my bearings.
G: Suit yerself...but I need to git back t' work.

Charles isn't sure why the Gravedigger has started talking like a prospector, but he takes out his map and tries to locate his surroundings. The Gravedigger keeps on digging a new grave.

G: Well, I think that's deep enough!
C: (Looking over) Yes, that looks pretty deep.

Just then, Charles notices the tombstone for the grave. It reads: Charles Major: 1921-1960. Lightning strikes across the sky and thunder roars.

C: can't be!
G: Oh, but it is, laddie.

Now sounding like a Scottish highlander, the Gravedigger pulls a rope and a coffin drops from the tree, landing in the hole. The door pops open and inside lays Charles Major.

C: Nooo!
G: (Laughs maniacally)
C: That's so weird, he has my same name but he died over 53 years ago! How weird of a coincidence is that?
G: No so weird. Charles Major is a fairly common name around these parts. Buried about 3 of them in the last 6 months, in fact.
C: Crazy!
G: Indeed.
C: Well, I think I've found my way, so I'll be headed off. Have a good night!
G: You too! Travel safely.

Charles Major walks safely home to his wife and kids, and has a pleasant evening. Never quite realizing that he is lucky to be alive after spending a night in...The Dusk Sector.

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