Friday, September 27, 2013

Kid quotes 9/27/13

  • Today Maddie told me, “At church, someone told me Jesus can see through roofs of buildings.” 
  • This morning she said “I like telling jokes. Maybe that’s my destiny.” I said, “Your destiny?!” She got embarrassed and said, “Or watching shows. I love to watch shows on my pad. Maybe that’s my destiny.”
  • Tonight Emme turned to me and for the first time said "Hi." The only words she can say are Momma, Dadda, DeeDee (Maddie), and yeese (yes). And now, apparently, "Hi."


Hillary said...

Watching shows is my destiny. No wonder Mads and I are best friends!

Kevan said...

Watching shows isn't my destiny. It's my Density "Back to the future".