Friday, March 6, 2009


I refuse to listen to Michael Buble because I refuse to accept that his last name is not pronounced "Booble."


Jessica said...

Really??!!?? Michael Buble' is my absolute FAVORITE singer ever. I don't care how you say his name. He is perfect in every way. I could seriously listen to him all day every day. I went to his concert two years ago with my sisters and he not only is an exceptional singer, but he is a great entertainer as well. He is funny. He looks amazing in a tux and the way he swings that microphone around when he dances really makes me swoony..... Aw, Michael. Just thinking about him, now I have to go listen to him sing "Feeling Good". He makes me happy. You should give him a chance, despite how his name is said. It isn't his fault.

Kevan said...

I sing Michael Buble' songs in the shower and I'm proud of it!!!