Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Catching up with Depeche Mode

Or rather, me. I cancelled my trip to India when we found out baby Madeleine is measuring 3 weeks ahead of where she should be. Since I was getting back just 3 weeks before the due date, I felt this was cutting it far too close. It's worked out very well that this cancellation occurred-Jan has had a few moments that have made us both very much feel that this baby will be an early arrival, and it is good to not have to stress out about that.

2 weeks ago my main computer died a terrible fiery death and the main hard drive of my entire life became broken. Hopefully the data is still intact on it, but it will be something like $1000 to retrieve the data. That's every song I ever had, every picture for the last 9 years, everything I've written. Devestating loss. But hopefully it's not lost-just trapped. I'm starting a very slow and gradual fund to save up to get the data if possible.

In the meanwhile I picked up a new mid/low range laptop that will replace said evil computer. I'll have to see if I 'remember' how to draw...

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Hillary said...

Why didn't you pull everything and back it up on Bill's external drive?