Saturday, November 8, 2008

Do They Know It's Christmas?

One of the best musicians I know is my little brother, Griff. I don't know any other musicians, but I'm sure if I did he would be one of the better ones. Anway, in addition to being a natural talent on the gee-tar and banjo and many other items (Maybe digireedoo-I'm not sure), he's also a very good musical producer/editor.

Since it's a Hoopes tradition to start cranking the Christmas tunes the moment Halloween is done, I've been doing so and have been enjoying Griff's 'gmix' of Band Aid 20's updated 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' wherein Griff seamlessly cut out this entire segment of a lame british guy rapping. The song in its entirety is presented for your listening pleasure below. And be sure to visit his band's myspace page and consider leaving a donation or two!


Hillary said...

I would say Griff is the most talented musician I know but I met Jude and am still tight with him, therefore Griff will have to remain in my top five.

Also, Griffin made up an incredible on the spot song for our summer side band, Veronica Voodoo. The song was called "Dead Uncle Dennis" and is surprisingly catchy.

And I too love the gmix of Do They Know it's Christmas?

Shannon said...

Unfortunately my computer is blocked from these links so I will just have to take the word of you brilliant people in here.