Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Insecurity Doctrine

I'd never thought about it quite like this:

So if the Democrats win it all this year, they will try to resuscitate the corpse that is the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine illustrates a key truth about liberal thinking: no one actually likes it. The fact that you`d need government regulation to force radio stations to broadcast this crap is proof that society has no need for it. Without forced indoctrination of liberal thought – there would be no liberal thought. If you want an example of how successful liberal talk radio is on its own, consider Air America.

Even more, the Fairness Doctrine reveals a scurvy of insecurity that riddles the left. They are so unsure of their own beliefs, that it`s not enough for them to control nearly every media entity on the planet (including movies, television, magazine publishing, off-Broadway one woman shows). They feel they must regulate talk radio, as a means to destroy talk radio – only because it`s not like them.

This part I knew:

If the Fairness Doctrine comes to pass, most likely talk radio would cut back on their successful shows, because they`d lose money supporting liberal shows they`d be forced to run. And that`s the left`s real strategy all along: it`s not about giving Paul Begala another outlet to babble. It`s about eliminating dissent from the people they hate.

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Shannon said...

Very interesting. I've thought this many times that the whole point is not to provide equal opportunity for liberal voices (they already own everything like you said). It is simply to stop conservative voices from being heard at all.

Christian I truly, truly love your blog.