Friday, October 31, 2008

And we're back!

Midterms are done (except for one next week, but that will be easier...) and today is Halloween-the best holiday of the year, except for Christmas and daylight savings time. That means everyone at my work made a big deal out of it, including myself.

Some ghost Twinkies a team member made:

Some team members. The girl on the left won for best costume ("deadbeat mom"). The woman next to her won for most timely costume ("Sarah Palin") and the two guys on the end won for best duo ("Tinky Winky & Lala"). Last year they won for best duo as Mario and Luigi.

Some dip a team member brought in.

The deadbeat mom costume

Jeff & Scott again

Gravestone cupcakes Jan made for me. I supplied the arms and some rummaging through the team's 'party drawer' turned up a blue gel icing pen thing, with which I used to write the 'RIP'.

The head zombie


Shannon said...

That looks so fun! It looks like the funnest office around. You fit right in with the rest of your zombie friends.

Andra said...

Who invited uncle Fester?

Kevan said...

Good for you for spearheading this every year and improving morale. I officially give you a Halloween bonus...

Kristen said...

You'll have to ask Uncle Doug about the costumes he saw on the Critical Mass downtown bicycle ride Friday night.