Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Close your eyes

Close your eyes and imagine two groups of people. Group A supports a law that has redefined a long-standing societal institution. Group B opposes that law and funds advertising to get the law overturned in an upcoming election. Group A gets a list of people who have funded that advertising and solicits the following of readers of a widely popular blog:

Find us some ammo.
Use any LEGAL tool at your disposal. Use OpenSecrets to see if these donors have contributed to...shall we say...less than honorable causes, or if any one of these big donors has done something otherwise egregious. If so, we have a legitimate case to make the Yes on 8 campaign return their contributions, or face a bunch of negative publicity.Here's the bottom line for me: if someone is willing to contribute thousands of dollars to a campaign to take away legal rights from some very dear friends of mine, they had damn well make sure their lives are beyond scrutiny--because I, for one, won't take it lying down.

Are your eyes still closed? Good. OK, now tell me which of these groups is the more tolerant one.

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