Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fish Girl

The first movie in our weekend movie-thon yesterday was the highly recommended "Mamma Mia!," the movie based entirely on ABBA songs.

The plot is fairly straightforward. An unfortunate fish girl, who has eyes on the sides of her head, wants to know who her dad is. She invites the 3 potential dads to her wedding to a metro guy. They arrive. Her friends are extremely shrill and obnoxious, as is her mother and her mother's friends. Every female in the movie is extremely shrill and obnoxious and acts as if they are at an all-night girl sleepover party complete with doing each others' hair, jumping on the bed, and singing showtunes into a hairbrush.

In the end, the fish girl calls off her wedding and decides to live it up with her metro boyfriend and 'see the world' even though she lives in the most gorgeous place on the world and there's nowhere to go but down. Pierce Brosnan can't sing but nonetheless sings for the better half of the movie. And the British guy turns out to be gay. And they didn't use "The Name of the Game"-arguably the best ABBA song ever written. On the up-side of things, the scenery was beautiful, so we had lots of nice locales to look at as most of the film whizzed by on fast-forward.


Carlee Hoopes said...

I saw this for the first time on Friday night and I completely agree with you. I think at the end of the movie all I could say was, "Really?" I expected so much more and was just confused at the end. Pretty scenery, ABBA songs...that was the extent of it.

Now I'm off to write a musical using strictly NKOTB songs. Wish me luck.

Christian said...

I would call it "Hangin' Tough"

Shannon said...

Well, I'm not even going to bother in "Name of the Game" isn't even in it. (I seriously have it on my playlist.) Carlee I would see your NKOTB musical in a heartbeat.

Hillary said...

Name of the Game is in it as a bonus feature! It's really good. Words are altered slightly to go along with the movie but it is there. I will email you the mp3 right now.

You needed to watch this movie with the recommendation that I said it was incredibly cheesy, campy and over the top. Nonetheless, entertaining. The girl has a beautiful voice and Pierce Brosnan only sings a couple times, not half the movie.

And yes, she lives in Skopelos, Greece where I plan to swim one day - but how often do you think Neil Diamond tours Skopelos? She probably wanted to catch him on tour.

I do not stand alone in my review.

Standby for your mp3.