Monday, December 29, 2008

Have to believe

The next movie up from the weekend of really super musicals was Xanadu.

I'd never watched Xanadu from start to finish before, so the entire experience was thrilling and painful, kind of like going down a water slide in some sandpaper underpants.

The story begins when some guy whose name I can't remember-maybe it was Roger-gets kissed by Olivia Newton-John, who is portrayed by Australian actress Olivia Newton-John. She rollerskates by and kisses Roger, probably because she's either legally blind or just really attracted to very bad hockey hair.

Roger sets out to find her, but she finds him first, and with the help of an extremely cheerful Gene Kelly, who dances really really well and who is subjected to wearing all manner of 80s atrocities in a 'fun' clothing montage where Roger and ONJ attempt to 'cool' him up, they set out to build a really awesome new roller disco named Xanadu.

Not to spoil the ending or anything, but they build Xanadu and everyone rollerskates at it for about the last half hour of the movie or so while ONJ performs a number of diversely styled musical numbers, including a really poorly conceived country/western number.

The movie would be a complete classic if not for its many really unfortunate moments, including an animated segment and a few too many really dumb songs about Roger and how sad it is to be apart from him. Like The Jazz Singer before it, it is a masterpiece, but a really bad one.

Bonus trivia: the part of Roger was originally supposed to go to Andy Gibb. The fact that it didn't is probably why this movie is not in the top 10 greatest films ever made.

This doesn't really look like ONJ but I'm still getting the hang of the new mouse pen.

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Carlee Hoopes said...

Now this is confusing to me. How could drawing with a pen be harder than drawing with a mouse? It seems like it shouldn't even be a contest. I've tried drawing a straight line with a mouse and it's probably the hardest thing I've ever attempted in my life.