Thursday, December 11, 2008

3rd option

Pace my assertion the other day that:

Either Barack Obama is spectacuarly stupid and naieve, or he's a blatant liar. And since we all know it is racist to call Barack Obama stupid, we'll just have to conclude that he's a blatant liar.

I've now realized there is a third option-that Obama is just an extremely bad judge of character. So to sum, he is either:

1. Fully aware of the kind of person the gov is and is lying about it.
2. Was too busy campaigning to be president to really give the whole business much thought, but believes he's power enough to swat it away as a distraction
3. Believed the gov to be a good and honest man and is shocked-SHOCKED!-to the core to discover that he is wrong (i.e. the "this is not the Jeremiah Wright I knew" option)

So if it comes down to the 3rd option-judgment of character-we can conclude that Obama is a very poor judge of character. And we've now just put that person in charge of America, where he will have to judge the character of not just corrupt internal politicians but international enemies who are heck-bent on destroying America.

Good job, America.

Clap. Clap. Clap...


Jessica said...

I don't think I can comment on this subject as I get in trouble for keeping a positive outlook on things.

Shannon said...

Nothing wrong with being positive Jessica. We are supposed to think about the good in people. I'm sure Obama has some good in him. But I don't put my trust or faith in him. Only God and Jesus Christ.

Kevan said...

I'm sure I read somewhere, maybe in the New York Times that Obama was replacing one of those two so go ahead and keep the faith.