Saturday, December 13, 2008

News roundup

I really wish I could disengage from the world of politics and current events for a while, but I am a hopeless political junkie. But this week's been a bit overwhelming with finals, final presentations, and preparation for final super deluxe double whammy finals next week. I am very much looking forward to about 8:00 pm on the 18th when I will be done with this lame-o semester and can welcome in the 2nd best thing that will ever happen to me (Neil Diamond concert) on the 19th and celebrating the 1st anniversary of 1st best thing on the 20th.

Today my Mrs has to work so it's cramming for my finals next week and wrapping some Christmas presents and watching grainy old films from Netflix. I wish they'd made a sequel to Shop Around the Corner. It would hit the spot on this snowy day.

As promised to Hillary, here is your commemorative 30th birthday artwork! It's your own personal birthday greeting from the President-Elect, live from the 57th state!


Hillary said...

I love my birthday drawing! It's equal parts fantasy and absurd, just like Obama and everything that comes out of this mouth.

Kirk said...

I think you need that song "Sunshine & Lollipops" as an autostart on your blog. Enjoy the Obama....keep em coming.

Shannon said...

We've all been waiting for this one Christian. No pressure. Just keep them coming when you feel inspired to do them.

Carlee Hoopes said...

Truly an inspired piece of artwork. Not a detail was left undone...even the sun has sunglasses to protect it from itself. Amazing.