Monday, December 29, 2008

What's wrong with Bill Kristol?

He's normally such a sharp guy, but why on earth is he looking forward to an Obama presidency with 'hope and good cheer'? The man is about to run the county in the exact opposite manner of the political philosophy Kristol has based his entire career on. What's there to be cheerful about?

Really, Bill-tell me. Either you're right or you're totally wrong on this. Everything we know about the economy and basic rules of physics and reality tells us that creating government jobs reduces private sector jobs and that government jobs are about 7x as expensive to create and administer a year as public sector jobs. Because of this, all expanded government spending can do is prolong depressions by artificially inflating wages and thus postponing recovery. It would truly be better for government to actually do nothing at all than to try to help.

(By the way, feel free to click through to those links-I pride myself on not shooting my mouth off without extensively sourcing my opinions.)

With the government in such horrible debt, there's nothing to spend that you don't create out of thin air. And when you pump more money into the banking system, you devalue your currency. And when you devalue your currency, giving your currency away only makes the problem progressively worse. Is this why liberals are sometimes called 'progressives'? There's a word for printing so much money that you eventually make your the paper it's printed on more valuable than the money itself: hyperinflation. It didn't work out well for Germany in 1923 and it won't work for us.

Giving money to wind power and ethanol is as good as burning more money. They only account for 3% of the US' power supply. There seriously isn't a single thing I've seen so far that leads me to believe that Obama will do a single correct thing. I'm sure he'll get lucky once or twice, but policy-wise, the only problem that can be solved by throwing more money at it is if you're on a game show that involves knocking milk bottles over with wads of money. Wow, what a good analogy.

I need some sleep!


Hillary said...

Agreed, Not just on the throwing money at bottles thing, but agreed on all parts.

Thank you for the unicorn picture. Every time you draw one I get excited about January 20th because I will be getting my own autographed one from Obama.

Kevan said...

What has happened to Bill Kristol? The same thing that has happened to almost all of the GOP who want to "Fit in". They are all part of the elite of Washington who want to be invited to the parties and not be left on the sidelines for the next 4 to 8 years. No guts and phonies. We can't fix the party "GOP that is" until it's completely broken. It needs to be purged of all fair weather members and rejuvinated with true patriots who aren't afraid to be original, unique and honest. Bill Kristol, Colin Powell and even John McCain step aside or go ahead and just switch parties so you don't get in the way.