Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Had it with politics

Went w/ the Mrs to the temple tonight-there's really nothing better for making you come back to the day-to-day and gain some much-needed perspective. Provided you can still have a fighting chance of feeding your family, the world's just going to do its own thing as it marches steadily closer to oblivion, and you need to do your own thing.

That's what I say about the MSM. So many blogs I read complain constantly about the extreme liberal bias and corruption of the media. Tracking all the bias is a full time job for some places. I think it's ridiculous to complain. It's not as if any of them are going to change, and anyone with 1/10th of a brain can instantly see through all of it. Granted, the things that are very troublesome are the items the MSM refuses to report-you can't look through something for something that isn't there.

But here's where I say just vote with your eyeballs and read something else. The savvy among us know where to get actual unbiased, factual reporting, and it's not from the MSM. Seek out those media outlets and read them instead of the products from the AP & Reuters. You'll be far better informed and you'll be contributing to the demise of a lousy product.

And remember what James Taranto said in 2004-the MSM's liberal cocoon likely caused John Kerry's downfall. He thought the media would bury the Swift Boat Veterans and their message, but the Swifties got around the MSM and took their message directly to the voters so that, by the time Kerry got around to addressing anything, he looked like he had something to hide and the damage was already done.

Back to my point-not much in the world of politics can truly matter once you contemplate eternity and heaven and all the things that are so much bigger than us. It's easy (and sometimes fun) to get caught up in all the details but the only 'change' that's worth a dang is the kind you can do with your own life to make it about anyone other than yourself. So stop wasting your time waiting for a false messiah to 'change' everyone else so you get more 'free' money. Just change, period, and leave the world's problems to everyone else who fails to see things as they really are.

Yes, we have an obligation and duty to make the world a better place. So start with yourself-it's the only person you ever really have total control over. If even Neal A. Maxwell can compare the world of politics to rearranging deck furniture on the Titanic, I think it's OK to pretty much disengage from the entire scene.

And now, another picture of a unicorn.

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Hillary said...

I like this unicorn. It looks like a My Little Pony.